Олег Валецкий (prom1) wrote,
Олег Валецкий

South Africa is a nation not at peace with itself.

South Africa is a nation not at peace with itself.

Already 119 White Farm Attacks in just January and February. These are just the reported incidents. The attacks are all pinned on the map.

A country at war, in-fact it has been this way for several years from around 1994 and has slowly progressed up until today, resembling a pot of water on a slow boil. Complicated with dramatic rhetoric purposely engineered to hype people up and then the terrier will be let lose! You will not hear these reports through mainstream media, only international alternative media or on social media platforms. White South Africans, the tax paying minority are been crushed and live under constant threat from their government and hostile opposition political leaders. A situation similar to that which has occurred in Zimbabwe for more than 30 years; Land invasion, farm attacks, farm murders, home invasion, rape, vehicle jackings and intimidation, are among the most dangerous, frightening, heartbreaking crimes to experience added with the fact that many of the farmers, victims and survivors of these often brutal atrocities the properties have been in the family name for 300 years or more. South Africa was the economic anchor of Africa but regrettably the country has been turned into an economic basket case like Zimbabwe. It is heartbreaking that the situation has become much worse and this is the reason for this crowd funding project. Your help is very much needed. But please continue reading..
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