Олег Валецкий (prom1) wrote,
Олег Валецкий

Снайперская винтовка Шарац калибра 20мм(Сербия)

В бывшей Югославии,много кой-чего найдется. вот винтовка хорошая,есть снайперская,да никак в производство не пойдет.

Semiautomatic rifle – hand cannon 20 mm.By contemporary definition, a new infantry 20 mm weapon represents: by the form-rifle,by caliber-cannon and by the purpose is sniper or means for direct support of infantry.It is intended for intervention squads, special purposes and for the elimination of distant targets of A-class importance.
Caliber 20 mm;Magazine with 5 shells;Instantaneous – incendiary – tracer shells M55 and armor piercing – incendiary shells;Muzzle velocity 800 m/sec – already measured;Bullet weight 136 grams;Distance of explosion 2400 m;Range 4000 m with armor piercing – incendiary shells;
Retains all features of 20 mm antiaircraft cannon, does not disperse power, all power goes forward with the help of special brake in the holster, which contains two built in patents;Optical lens 9 x 42;
Optical lens holder is patent;Rifle length 1850 mm;Weight (handmade prototype) 45 kg with the easel;Recoil force at the shoulder of rifleman 720 N- already measured;Weight (factory made) 20 - 25 kg max;
Crew: marksman and helper.It is possible to equip the rifle with optical lenses of modern generation: daily, night vision or thermo vision.
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